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Horizon Hues Tie-Dye Pack

Horizon Hues Tie-Dye Pack

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Product Description:

Create Like a Pro: Whether you're an experienced artist or a DIY beginner, our Horizon Hues Dye Pack provides the high-quality dyes you need to transform plain fabric into a vibrant masterpiece. Perfect for personalizing garments or revamping your wardrobe with stunning colors.

High-Quality, Vibrant Dyes: Our dyes are specially formulated to be vibrant and long-lasting, ensuring your creations stay bright and beautiful through multiple washes.

The colors included are:

  • Lavender - Soft and soothing, perfect for the dreamy theme.
  • Baby Pink - Gentle and pastel, adds a warm, soft touch.
  • Baby Blue - Now reformulated with a hint of Turquoise, this classic, calm color evokes clear skies and adds a refreshing depth to your palette.
  • Robin's Egg Blue - A slightly deeper blue that complements the Baby Blue, adding depth. 
  • Mist Gray - A soft, neutral tone that mimics the subtle shades of clouds, adding balance and depth to your pastel palette.

Eco-Friendly and Safe: All our dyes are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, making them safe for use by adults and children under supervision.

Perfect for Group Activities: Ideal for family craft days, parties, or solo projects, this dye pack offers a fun and creative outlet for all ages.

How to Use Your Dye Pack:

  1. Prep your workspace: Lay down plastic or newspaper to protect surfaces.
  2. Dampen the fabric: Wet the fabric and bind it with rubber bands in your chosen pattern.
  3. Apply the dye: Squeeze the dye onto the fabric, let it set, then rinse and dry to reveal your design.

Expand Your Palette: Mix the dyes to create new shades and expand your color options. Experiment with techniques like ombre, spiral, or bullseye for unique results.

Dye Coverage:

  • 1 oz: Typically dyes 1-2 t-shirts, 2-4 pairs of socks, or 1 hoodie.

Product Details:

Pack Contents: 5 vibrant dye colors (Lavender, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Mist Gray, Robin's Egg Blue) in 1 oz, 4 oz, or 7 oz quantities depending on the pack.

Suitable for:

  • 1 oz Pack: 1-2 t-shirts, 2-4 pairs of socks, or 1 hoodie.
  • 4 oz Pack: 4-8 t-shirts, 8-16 pairs of socks, or 4 hoodies.
  • 7 oz Pack: 7-14 t-shirts, 14-28 pairs of socks, or 7 hoodies.

Inspiration Awaits: Grab your Horizon Hues Dye Pack and start creating attire with colors that tell your story. Check out our online gallery for inspiration and share your designs with our community!

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